My Clothing Record

where to find my clothing record in the army

Are you a member of the US Army? Then you may have questions about your clothing record. These questions include where to find your OCIE record and how to access it. The following information is provided for your reference. The OCIE record is the Army’s online database, which you can reach by clicking this link to identify your clothing and individual equipment. This record is important for your personal information and military records. Visit our website, AKO Offline for all army-related content

The ARMY has made it easy for servicemembers to print out copies of their clothing records. These records are available on the self-service menu under ‘My Clothing.’ They can be printed out by clicking on the ‘Sign and Print’ button. The document must be signed and dated.

To locate your clothing record, visit the Self-Service section of the CSA website and select the option ‘My Clothing.’ This will bring you to your Individual Clothing Record. You can also print the document from this page by clicking the ‘Sign and Print’ button. You must sign and date the ‘Signature & Date’ block to print the document.

How do I access my OCIE record?

OCIE is an acronym for “Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment.” It is an online database containing clothing information for administrative and training purposes. Visit this website to access your OCIE record,

Soldiers can access their records online using their Common Access Card. The records can be accessed in a variety of ways. You can use the information to verify your military identification number and the validity of clothing items. Soldiers can also access a record of their uniforms.

Clothing and Individual Equipment Record

where to find my clothing record in the army1

The ARMY Clothing and Individual Equipment record is accessible to all personnel. To access it, click on the Self-Service menu and select My Clothing. Choose the individual clothing record option. You can then sign and print the document. Be sure to sign the ‘Signature & Date’ block. To print the document, click on the ‘Print’ button.

The individual issue record contains information on each item, including quantity and nomenclature. The record also includes stock numbers. By looking at this information, you’ll be able to better understand the types of items issued to soldiers.

CIF Clothing Records and Appointments

Every soldier should keep a copy of their CIF Clothing Records and appointments. This record will detail the items issued and is available on Army Knowledge Online. A soldier can exchange items based on the items listed in their record. However, the soldier should ensure that the items they return are clean. This is critical, as dirty equipment will not be accepted.

When soldiers return clothing to the CIF, they should contact the CIF to schedule an appointment. The CIF is a central facility for storing and processing protective gear and clothing for Soldiers. Various services are available at the CIF, including clothing repair and exchange.