What is M855a1 Round?

What is M855a1 Round

The M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round is a non-lead ammunition cartridge designed to replace the outdated M855. The round uses a steel penetrator instead of a lead core and is encased in a copper jacket. The projectile is reportedly made using a reverse-drawn design that allows for more consistent accuracy. It also features a cannelure at the base of the projectile that prevents it from spinning during firing. The M855A1 is rumored to be capable of penetrating up to 9.5mm of mild steel. It also has the same trajectory as the M855, allowing it to be used with the same ACOG BDCs.

The M855A1 is designed to provide military personnel with better penetration capabilities compared to the M855. It is also able to penetrate barriers, such as walls and glass windshields, more consistently than the M855. Additionally, the M855A1 is less toxic and is free of lead, which reduces potential environmental hazards during training exercises and real-world operations. The round is also very accurate, with some shooters reporting “match”-like accuracy. Liberty Ammunition is currently receiving royalties from the government for the M855A1 round, which will continue until 2027.

Is M855A1 Considered Armor-piercing

Is M855A1 Considered Armor-piercing?

The M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round (EPR) is considered armor-piercing because of its steel penetrator. This improved projectile replaces the traditional lead core and enables military personnel to breach more robust battlefield obstacles compared to the standard M855. The EPR also features a bronze point that helps the bullet penetrate harder targets.

The EPR is also designed to hit hard targets with greater consistency than the M855. According to Army reports, the M855A1 places 95% of shots inside an 8-by-8-inch target at 600 yards. This substantially improved the M855’s ability to reliably place 95% of shots inside the same target.

The M855A1 is also capable of penetrating barriers more effectively than the M855. The EPR’s improved steel penetrators and increased velocity allow it to penetrate 3/8 inch-thick mild steel at distances up to 400 meters, which is significantly more than the M855’s ability to penetrate the same material at a similar range. To properly protect against the M855A1, law enforcement, and military personnel should wear body armor that is NIJ Level IV or higher. Shot Stop’s Level IV plates are the perfect option for protecting against this advanced ammunition.

Is it Illegal to Own M855A1 Rounds?

The M855A1 is a new type of ammunition for use by the US military. The new round has many advantages over the current M855 ball cartridge, including improved performance against hardened targets and increased accuracy. It also uses lead-free projectile construction, which makes it more environmentally friendly.

However, it’s important to note that M855A1 is not available to civilians. Additionally, having the right body armor to protect yourself against this advanced round is important. Shot Stop offers Level IV armor plates that can withstand the M855A1’s superior penetration capabilities.

While the M855A1 is a more advanced round than the M855, it’s important to remember that good marksmanship is still essential for success in small-arms engagements. Whether you’re using M855A1 or the current M855, practicing your marksmanship skills is crucial and understanding how to properly load and chamber your weapon.

Is M855A1 Better Than M855

Is M855A1 Better Than M855?

M855A1 offers many improvements over the green-tipped M855. It is reputed to offer better barrier penetration, and it has been tested with impressive accuracy, even out of a standard 1:7-inch barrel. Some claim that it can produce sub-MOA groups, which is a good result for an army-issued bullet.

The M855A1 projectile consists of three different components; a steel penetrator, a copper slug, and a reverse-drawn copper jacket that holds the other two together. The steel penetrator is much heavier than the one used in M855 and is exposed rather than buried inside the copper jacket.

The M855A1 also has a temperature-stabilized new propellant that contains additives that minimize copper fouling and muzzle flash. This makes it easier to use in short-barreled rifles like the M4. The round has been shown to penetrate light masonry barriers at up to 160 meters, which is much farther than the M855. It also does a good job of penetrating hard targets and barriers, such as vehicle glass, windshields, and Kevlar fabric.

Can M855A1 Penetrate Level 3

Can M855A1 Penetrate Level 3?

While the M855A1 is not a level 3 armor-piercing round, it does have some impressive barrier penetration capabilities. According to Army sources, it can penetrate 3/8 inch-thick mild steel at distances of up to 400 meters. This is significantly better than the green-tipped M855’s performance, which can only do so out to 160 meters.

The M855A1 also boasts excellent hard-target performance, which is important for soldiers in combat. It can reliably produce incapacitating wounds against unarmored targets and penetrate tough battlefield barriers such as concrete masonry units.

Unlike the old green-tip M855, the M855A1 doesn’t use lead and is a significant step up in terms of environmental friendliness. It uses a 62-grain solid copper slug and features a steel “stacked cone” penetrator that provides superior hard target penetration. According to Marine officials, it also stays on target through car windshields and door frames much better than traditional M855 ammo.