FedMall is a premier government e-commerce acquisition platform developed by the Defense Logistics Agency. It provides a fast and convenient online buying experience for customers. FedMall allows contractors to sell awarded, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) items and other products to Federal, state, and local DoD buyers. It also serves AbilityOne participants.

FedMall is a federal e-commerce system that allows customers to search for products and purchase them online. It is used by a variety of government agencies, including the United States military services and federal, state, and authorized local governmental entities.

It is also used for placing orders for commercial items against Long Term Agreements (LTAs), requisitioning, and ordering supplies under a contractor logistics support contract. It is an important part of the DoD supply chain and a key tool in meeting its mission requirements.

However, a DoD Office of Inspector General audit found that Army officials did not have proper controls over purchases made through FedMall. For example, Army officials did not have the policy to identify purchases funded through the Military Supply System for Requisitioned Inventory (MILSTRIP). They did not have a process to recover MILSTRIP funds from vendors who increased FedMall prices without approval or to ensure that Army purchases did not violate Federal and DoD policies.

The audit team reviewed FedMall purchases that were reported to the Army in FY 2019 and 2021. They found that the Army, Navy, and Air Force made 599,356 requisitions valued at $521.9 million through FedMall in those years. These requisitions were made by Department of Defense (DoD) agencies and contractors, including suppliers of commercial-off-the-shelf items.

For these requisitions, the DoD OIG found that the Army, Navy, and Air force made purchases that were not in compliance with Federal and DoD policies. For example, DoD agencies and contractors were not required to ensure that Army purchases were not made in support of ETOs. Similarly, DoD contractors were not required to ensure that Army purchases did not violate MILSTRIP rules.

We recommend that the Army develop a policy to prevent purchases in support of ETOs from being made through FedMall, and put appropriate compensating controls in place to mitigate fraud and other noncompliance risks. Additionally, the Army should implement a review and audit process to identify all purchases made supporting ETOs. The review and audit process should include evaluating the quality and adequacy of the supply chain management practices used to ensure compliance with the Federal and DoD policies.

How do I get a FedMall account

How do I get a FedMall account?

FedMall is an e-commerce ordering system for the Department of Defense (DOD), federal, state, and authorized local agencies to search for and acquire products from government reserves and commercial off-the-shelf sources. It allows customers to quickly and efficiently find products and compare them in a streamlined UI.

To get a FedMall account, you must be either a government or vendor user and have a valid CAC/PIV or Software Certificate with a PKI Exemption flag turned on. Once you have your PIEE credentials, log in to the FedMall SSO portal and search for your chosen product.

The best part is you can save your orders & retrieve them later on at any time! Each item has a unique document number that comprises the organization’s dodaac, the Julian date, and the Serial Number for easy reference.

In short, a FedMall account is a smart way to save money while providing superior service to your clients. If you are looking for a modern eCommerce site that features all the latest UX capabilities, then FedMall is the place to go!

Despite being a newer program, it has already earned its name as the premier government e-commerce acquisition platform. Its features include a smart search, product comparison, and a quick view of items by hovering your mouse over them. It also has a large amount of available inventory and the ability to quickly and efficiently search for what you need – all without leaving your desk!

Who can purchase from FedMall?

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) created FedMall to offer tens of millions of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and National Stock Number (NSN) items to government buyers, allowing agencies to quickly and efficiently purchase the products they need at the best prices. Like other GSA shopping catalogs, such as eBuy and GSA Advantage, FedMall allows users to search for and acquire products from various vendors.

The FedMall program allows customers to pay for purchases through Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP), a DoD procurement card, or an approved contractor corporate credit card. In addition to these payment methods, purchasers can use a FedMall Marketplace account to make Open Market Micro-purchases directly from suppliers, supporting the market-driven competition.

To obtain access to FedMall, buyers must have a valid DoD Activity Address Code (DODAAC) and a DoD activity card with purchasing authority. Additionally, they should have a valid DoD card authentication certificate, such as a CAC or PIV card.

Moreover, DoD purchasing officials must ensure that FedMall purchases comply with Army regulations. For example, they must ensure that the Army accountable property system of record (GCSS-Army) internally tracks requirements documentation, purchase approvals, and receipt of ordered items. They should also train purchasers on valid and prohibited FedMall payment methods.

Who can purchase from FedMall

DCSO Officials Deemed a Vendor’s Catalog Price to Be Fair and Reasonable but Did Not Conduct Competitive Price Comparisons

Federal Supply Schedule ordering procedures and guidelines require that purchasers conduct price comparisons before placing an order on the schedule. FedMall program officials did not communicate this requirement to purchasers. Instead, they made reasonableness determinations based on vendors’ proposed catalog prices and discounts offered for the same items.

While this approach may be effective in evaluating proposals for a FedMall contract, it does not help buyers determine the best price for their purchases. DCSO officials need to prioritize competitive price comparisons when evaluating FedMall proposals. They should document their approach in an acquisition plan and prepare a price negotiation memorandum for each contract. They should also direct FedMall program officials to update user guides and training to instruct ordering activities to compare prices from three vendors before placing orders on FedMall. This instruction should include a pop-up or similar notification when a user begins shopping or placing an order on FedMall.

How do I get a FedMall account?

FedMall is a premier government e-commerce platform designed to make it easier for federal agencies to search for and acquire products from centrally managed DoD and GSA assets and commercial off-the-shelf items. It also offers many other useful tools, such as order tracking, requisitioning, and research capabilities.

To get started with FedMall, determine if you have a long-term federal contract. This could be a term agreement (LTA), blanket purchase agreement (BPA), or a GSA schedule. Once you have this in place, you can then register with the FedMall supplier portal as a vendor of office supplies under NAICS 453210.

The next step is to prepare your catalog for upload using the supplier portal template. In order to be a successful FedMall seller, you must ensure that your catalog includes all the necessary information and features. For instance, it should contain a product category hierarchy to ensure buyers can find what they want.

You will also want to include a witty description of your company, its products, and services and a contact and mailing address for future correspondence. Then, you can begin the registration process by downloading the FedMall Supplier Portal and completing the online forms.

Once you have a valid FedMall username and password, you can search for the right products at the best prices. The site is simple to use and is designed to be intuitive, making it easy to navigate. Its newest incarnation was developed only recently, so it boasts the latest in e-commerce technology, including smart search, product comparison, and a mini cart to save your favorite products for later reference.